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Starting an online flight compensation company in 3 steps

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Starting an online business is exciting.

It’s also very scary and time consuming. Creating a website, finding the right tools to manage the business, testing and setting up all these tools. Even though, it isn’t the 2000s anymore, the online tools have gotten so much better, and a website can be created in under an hour, mostly it still requires a lot of work. But not if you’re starting a flight compensation company.

And if you’re starting a company with Claimotion.

Built for EU Regulation EC261/2004

Your company can be registered elsewhere.

It’s just that the tool – Claimotion – is built to work with claims that fall under the Regulation EC261/2004 (European flight compensation regulation). It’s a law in the European Union, often referred to as the EU Flight Compensation Regulation 261/2004, protecting air passenger rights.

You and your customers can be from any country.

Starting a flight compensation company

How to start a flight compensation company?

1. Register a company 

To do it in your country or abroad, that’s up to you.

If you’re thinking of doing it abroad and would prefer to do it in the European Union, as most of the airlines you’ll be dealing with are from the EU, note that it’s very easy to start an online company in Estonia. That’s clearly not the only option, just one of the easiest and most cost efficient for startups.

Choose what suits you the best, and proceed.

Claimotion is built to work with claims that fall under the Regulation EC261/2004.

2. Create a website

You can hire someone to do that for you.

If necessary, also we can help you with this. Alternatively you can use website builders from, or, for example, Claimotion can be connected to all the most popular website platforms, so you don’t have to worry about the technical details, and can choose what you like the most.

Claimotion screenshot
ERP / CRM system – Claimotion

3. Use Claimotion to run it

You don’t even have to program a claim form.

Claimotion comes with a ready-to-use online claim form with built-in flight filters, which filters out the bad flights automatically. We’ll help you to connect it to your website. Everyone visiting your website will see it as a part of your website — this is where you’ll be collecting compensation claims from your customers.

Every claim submitted you’ll see in a dedicated ERP/CRM system.

From this system you’ll be running your business. 

All sorting is done automatically. Everything related to a single compensation claim you’ll see in one place. All communication, documents, payment information, etc. Power of attorney, all necessary documents and emails, all of them are generated automatically, so you can focus on customers not systems. Learn more about Claimotion’s features.

You do marketing and customer service, we do the IT.