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What is Claimotion

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Claimotion is a software for compensation companies. 

Think of it like a Swiss Army Knife for flight compensation companies.

It’s an all-in-one tool built to work with compensation claims that fall under the Regulation EC261/2004 (European flight compensation regulation). If you’re about to start a new online airline compensation company, or you want to run your existing company more efficiently — Claimotion is the right tool for you. It’s built specifically for flight compensation companies.

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What’s included?

1. Online compensation claim form

It’s one of the things our customers love about Claimotion.

You don’t even have to program your own compensation claim form, which often is the hardest part of creating a website for a flight compensation company.  We’ve already done that for you. All our plans include an online compensation claim form with built-in flight filters and e-signature module. It can be connected to almost any website.

If you have a website, and you add our claim form to it, you’re all set. 

No programming. No struggling.

2. Ready-to-use ERP/CRM system

It’s a system that’s adjusted to your needs and is ready to use.

If the online form is what your customers see, where they submit their compensation claims, this system is what you and your employees will be using to receive and manage all these claims. This is the software you’ll be running your business from. All communication with customers and airlines, payment management, all of that happens here, and all is automatically sorted by case.

Online compensation claim form — one of the things our customers love about Claimotion.

3. Automated document generator

Automated document and e-mail generator? Included.

Working with flight compensation claims you do a lot of the same things again and again. To lessen your burden, we’ve automated this part. Emails to clients, emails to airlines and National Enforcement Bodies (NEB), power of attorney necessary for every single claim. All of these documents and emails are generated automatically with Claimotion.

4. Initial setup

We do the setup and adjustments for you.

So you can focus on your customers, not IT systems.

Not only you don’t have to look for the right tools, read the reviews and test all the apps needed for your everyday work, you also don’t have to set them up, we do that for you — making sure that you can start using Claimotion as soon as possible.

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