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Technical Problems Are the Airline’s Fault (You Can Get Compensation)

According to EU Regulation EC 261/2004, passengers can claim compensation for significant flight delays or cancellations caused by technical issues and other reasons within the airline’s control. The regulation requires airlines to assist affected passengers and offer compensation between €250 and €600 based on flight distance and delay duration.

Yes – most of technical issues are considered the airline’s fault.

Keep reading to learn more about your rights.

Technical Problems Are the Airline’s Fault (You Can Get Compensation)

If you’ve ever tried to claim compensation from an airline, you might know that airlines don’t always provide accurate information.

This is particularly common with technical problems with the aeroplane.

To avoid paying compensation, airlines often label technical issues as extraordinary circumstances, suggesting that these events are beyond their control and that you can’t get compensation. But that’s not true. In fact, the opposite is true: if something goes wrong with the aeroplane, it’s the airline’s responsibility.

Technical problems are not extraordinary circumstances.

Most aircraft technical issues are considered the airline’s responsibility. According to European court rulings, even unexpected problems discovered during maintenance are not classified as extraordinary circumstances, except for hidden manufacturing defects.

If your flight is delayed or cancelled due to technical problems with the aircraft, file a claim for compensation. You may be entitled to compensation of up to €600 per passenger.

In Europe, technical problems with the airplane are not considered extraordinary circumstances. They are considered the airline’s fault.

Why Do Airlines Call Technical Problems Extraordinary Circumstances?

The answer is very simple – to avoid paying large sums in flight compensation.

According to EU regulation 261/2004, airlines don’t have to pay out flight compensation when disruptions are caused by extraordinary circumstances, such as extreme weather, natural disasters, political unrest, and pandemics.

However, technical problems with aircraft are not included in this. Technical problems are the airline’s responsibility. The only exception is when a technical problem arises due to a hidden manufacturing defect.

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If an aircraft has a technical issue, it’s not considered an extraordinary circumstance, even if it’s unexpected. It’s the airline’s duty to prevent such incidents. If they didn’t do so, you might be eligible for compensation for your disrupted flight. The only exception is hidden manufacturing defects.

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Flight Disruption Due to Technical Problems: What Are Your Rights?

Your flight was delayed or cancelled due to technical problems.

Now what? Don’t worry, you’re fully protected.

Right to Care from the Airline

You have the right to care no matter the cause of your flight disruption.

  • If your flight is delayed for 3 or more hours, the airline must provide you with free meals and drinks, plus two free phone calls or emails.
  • For long delays (overnight), the airline must provide a free hotel room and free transport to and from the airport.

Right to a New Flight

The airline must take care of you and get you to your destination.

If your flight is cancelled, the airline should provide you with a new flight at no extra charge. If the replacement flight is scheduled for the next day, you should receive a complimentary hotel stay and free round-trip transfer between the hotel and the airport.

If you don’t wish to take this flight, you can request a full refund.

Right to European Flight Compensation

Under European Compensation Regulation 261/2004, you are entitled to compensation because technical problems fall under the airline’s control. Generally, technical issues, except for hidden manufacturing defects, are the airline’s responsibility.

You can get compensation:

  • If your flight is delayed by 3 or more hours upon arrival.
  • If your flight is cancelled at the last minute (0-14 days before the scheduled departure date).
  • If you are denied boarding because the flight is overbooked, and you don’t give up your seat voluntarily.

This applies to charter airlines and flights, and to some non-EU airline flights as well. It doesn’t matter if you’re a European or not.

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How to Claim Compensation for Your Flight?

You can do it yourself, or you can work with a flight compensation company. If you decide to do it yourself, contact your airline, ask for compensation and refer to the EU regulation 261/2004.

Remember, the compensation process might take some time. For a hassle-free solution, work with a flight compensation company. Our partners offer such a service. You’ll only need to fill out one online form. Here’s how to claim compensation with the help of a flight compensation company:

  • Provide information about yourself and your flight;
  • Upload your boarding pass and passport copy;
  • Sign the claim online.

Click on the link below to get started.

And now you can relax. Our partners (a flight compensation company) will do the rest.

In most situations, flight compensation amounts are as follows:

  • For flights under 1,500 kilometres, such as short-haul flights within Europe, the maximum compensation is €250.
  • For medium-distance flights between 1,500 and 3,500 kilometres, such as from Europe to North Africa or the Middle East, the maximum compensation is €400.
  • For long-haul flights over 3,500 kilometres, such as from Europe to the United States or Asia, the maximum compensation is €600.

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In conclusion, while technical problems can utterly disrupt travel plans, being informed about passenger rights and the compensation process can alleviate some of the stress associated with such incidents. Travellers should always advocate for their rights to ensure they receive the compensation they are entitled to.

What is your experience with European airlines? Or other airlines? Have you ever been told that your flight was cancelled due to technical problems? Or delayed due to technical problems?

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